3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

Dogs can enjoy and benefit from the coziness of a warm bed the same way as their pawrents. That’s why finding the best dog bed that fits your pooch’s needs is critical if you want them to get a good nights sleep. 

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It’s not just meant to train your furry companions to give you some space when it’s time to catch some zzz’s, but each design also caters to different body types and conditions of your fur babies. Some need cushioning that allows them to rest their joints or bones, while others need more insulation to act as a protective layer during the winter months. 

You should keep the tips below in mind when shopping for the perfect bed for your dog.

1. Picking A Style

The style doesn’t necessarily talk about the choice of colour of pattern for the bed but describes more of its features and construction. There are various styles of dog beds to choose from, such as elevated beds, cave beds, flat mats and standard pillow nest beds.

There are also soothing beds that resemble bean bags, perfect for small breeds who like to snuggle. Pillow nest beds are the traditional, oval bowl shape that allows different dog sizes a place to cuddle up. Large bolster style dog beds, on the other hand, come with one long side and built-in pillow, which caters to larger breeds. 

There are also special styles, such as waterproof beds for incontinent dogs, heated beds for senior companions that have arthritis during the cold, or orthopaedic beds to soothe aching joints. 

For the warmer seasons when it might be too hot for your traditional soft beds, investing in a Summer Cooling Dog Bed will give your dog a nice place to cool down. Cooling dog beds are made from a breathable material which absorbs heat. They require no pre-cooling or freezing overnight, as the mat naturally absorbs the heat produced by your dog laying on it.


2. Health and Age of Your Pooch

The age and health of your pooches can impact your decision, especially since there are specific styles that cater to varying needs. For instance, an old dog with arthritis may benefit more from a heated or elevated bed. 

An elevated sofa-bed for dogs is the best option for gentle giants with aching joints too, as the elevation minimises the movement they need to get in and out of bed. A smaller cushion with low sides, on the other hand, is best for ageing toy breeds. 

Some other health features include joint support, odour resistance, and a machine washable bed for pooches that have bladder control problems. 

3. The Personality of Your Dog 

Your furry friend’s personality or sleeping habits also play essential roles in your decision. Some pups that like to curl up and snuggle throughout the after hours may prefer nest beds or a cave bed, but others want to stretch out and maximize the space. For dogs that love to feel snug and warm, you can't go past a long pile donut bed which are extremely popular for the calming effect they have on your dog.


There are also enthusiastic dogs who like to chew their bed, in which case you want to go for a bed made from a durable material like canvas. Check out the Hoopet Dog Sleeping Bag Bed. This sleeping bag style bed has a tough canvas outer lining and a soft inner one, making it suitable for travelling and even camping outdoors!


Wrapping Up

The best dog bed for your furry friends should fit their needs and personality. Knowing the health, age, and personality of your furry companions should help point you to the best bed that can provide the ultimate comfort and security your dog needs. With the right style of bed, your fur babies can get the quality sleep they deserve. 



There you have it, 3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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