5 Best Types of Leashes For Your Dog

Paw-parents know the importance of investing in high-quality dog supplies, and one of the most important are leashes. It’s a must-have for every dog owner as it works with either a collar or harness and without it, daily walks would be out of the picture. 

Best type of leashes for your dog

It’s easy to think that leashes are just that, but like there are various choices for harnesses in the market, there is also an ideal leash that suits different occasions. One could be designed for walking, while the other is built to withstand hiking with your pooch. 

With that in mind, the guide below should clue you in on the best types of leashes to choose for your furry companion.

1. Standard Leashes 

Standard leashes are the most commonly used among pet owners around the world. It’s a standard flat leash that is typically four to eight feet long with a clasp at the end. You can easily clip it onto your dog’s collar or harness, making it the go-to choice for everyday use and basic training. Standard leashes can be made from a variety of different materials including nylon and leather. When choosing a standard leash ensure it has good quality metal components, and an ergonomic hand loop.

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2. Retractable Leashes 

Perfect for trained pooches, retractable leashes are designed to give more freedom to your fur babies as you go on your usual outdoor adventures. The material itself contains a nylon band or cord that can stretch up to 26 feet, which retracts into a plastic case at the click of a button. Retractable leashes are best used with small dogs that are well trained. We wouldn't recommend this type of lead for larger dogs as the nylon cord is typically quite thin and a large dog may easily break the retractable mechanism.

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3. Short Traffic Leashes 

If you live in a congested city and like to walk your dog by the sidewalk, traffic lead leashes are right up your alley. It’s one of the shortest dog leashes in the market as it is only under a foot in length. This makes it ideal for navigating your dog through crowded places as you can easily keep your dog right by your side. Traffic leads cater best to highly-trained medium to large dogs that are already familiar with walking on a standard leash. It’s an excellent tool for teaching your overzealous yet obedient dog on how to properly kneel.

Dog Short Traffic Lead Leash

4. Lead Coupler Leash 

Serving more as an accessory, a lead coupler leash is a tool that you can attach to virtually all types of dog leashes. A lead coupler has two seperate elastic leads connected together, making it a handy accessory for walking two dogs at once. One end of the coupler clips on to your existing lead and the other two ends clip on to your dogs collar. Couplers work best with two well trained dogs of similar sizes.

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5. Hands-free Running Leash 

Who says you need hands to guide your dog when they’re on a leash? If you’re up for an adventure yourself and want to run beside your pooch without any distractions, hand-free leashes are the perfect tool for you. 

It looks similar to a standard leash, but it uses an adjustable strap or loop that you can attach to any parts of your body. From the waist, chest, or across your torso - the choice is yours, so long as it is comfortable for you and your pooch. 

This allows you to run normally without the awkwardness of having to hold a lead, potentially pulling you off balance.

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Wrapping Up

The type of leash you choose will depend on you and your dog's needs. There are plenty of leashes with different designs and advantages. The ideal one should fit your needs and plans with your furry friend - from everyday use to a hands-free experience up by the hills. Choosing the right one will make your daily escapades significantly more enjoyable.



There you have it, the 5 Best Types of Leashes For Your Dog. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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