6 Best Interactive Toys For Bored Dogs

Without any form of entertainment, it’s easy to become bored and overwhelmed with the need to stimulate your senses. The same need for high-octane action happens to your canine family member, that’s why playtime is a key part of caring and loving your furry friend. 

As much as paw-parents would like to spend more time with their fur babies, the reality is that most dogs will have to spend most of the day on their own. As we all know, a bored dog is a recipe for trouble! Leaving them in monotony can encourage negative behaviour as they try to alleviate their frustrations. This can easily translate to them chewing the sofa, cushions, shoes, clothing, garage, and whatever else they can get a hold of. 

Online Interactive Dog Toys Australia

Dogs need activities to keep their minds busy and their bodies well-exercised even without a morning run, which is why giving your pooch an interactive toy offers a fun and exciting solution. From puzzle toys to snuffle mats, your furry companion can have a proper outlet that is sure to boost their mental and physical health. 

With that in mind, here are some of the best interactive toys you can get for your dog.

1. Sniff ‘N’ Snuff Large Dog Foraging Snuffle Mat 

People say to not play with your food, but in a dog’s world, solving a puzzle by sniffing out treats is an excellent way to sharpen their senses, all while satisfying their taste buds. The Sniff ‘N’ Snuff Foraging Snuffle Mat is designed to stimulate your pooch’s natural hunting and foraging instincts with the mat’s various obstacles hiding away their treats. 

Snuffle Foraging Mat For DogsSniff ‘N’ Snuff Large Dog Foraging Snuffle Mat

By making mealtime interesting with the foraging snuffle mat, your dogs can develop their sense of smell and they even promote slower eating, which helps aid their digestion. The colourful, non-toxic linen comes in multiple shapes and designs, but it’s easy enough to roll up for the day or clean with its hand-washable fabric. 

With this interactive toy and feeder all in one, you can ensure you’re feeding your dog’s mind and body. 

2. Egg Tumbler Interactive Toy 

If you want to encourage independent playtime for your pooch, the Egg Tumbler is the perfect interactive toy that is sure to keep your dog running around happily and safely in your home. 

As the moniker suggests, the egg-like tumbler is designed to be tumbled around by your curious pups, while treats fall out every now and then as it rolls with its unique slow-feeder design. This allows your dogs to feel rewarded by practising a safe style of play.

It comes in four fun colours, while the non-toxic hard plastic (ABS+PC) makes it easy to clean with little-to-no effort.

Rolling Tumbler Interactive Dog Toy

Egg Tumbler Interactive Toy 

3. Super-Suc Interactive Dog Toy 

Tug-of-war is a classic past-time for dogs as it displays their predatory nature. If you want to avoid your pooch running after your towels and starting a tug-of-war with you, the Super-Suc dog toy offers the ideal solution. 

Suction Cup Interactive Dog Toy

Super-Suc Interactive Dog Toy 

For one, the suction cup can be easily stuck on walls or floors so your pup can tug all day long. This promotes healthy play, all while providing a fun mental and physical activity for your dog. The bouncy elastic ball and durable, non-toxic plastic also ensure it can withstand your pup’s rough play, while the unique suction feature can resist dogs of up to 18 kilograms.

4. Magic Mop Ball Dog Toy 

Some of the best toys that can keep your dogs’ on their toes are often the most simple ones. The Magic Mop Ball toy is designed with an internal electric motor, which prompts it to move about in random motions and keep your pooches constantly on the prowl.

Magic Mop Rolling Interactive Dog Ball

Magic Mop Ball Dog Toy 

As an added bonus to paw-parents, the Magic Mop Ball earns its name for its fluffy microfibre covers, which collects dust bunnies on your floor as it entertains your dogs, making it magical choice in its own right. 

5. FetchPro Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher 

Throwing a ball and playing fetch is one of the ultimate, perennial favourite activities for paw-parents and their furry companions. However, people lose their energy faster than a dog’s, leaving your dog looking at you with an expectant face and energy to spare. 

Automatic Dog Tennis Ball Launcher

FetchPro Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher

Fortunately, you can make it life easier for you and your pooch with the FetchPro Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher. It’s one of the best interactive dog toys that can keep your dogs alert and running all afternoon, making it an excellent device for promoting healthy exercise. 

The device comes with three modes and can shoot balls with distance settings of 3m, 6m, or 9m. It’s a smart way to boost brain activity, too, as the ball launcher will only continue to burst balls out for your dogs to catch if they are able to return it. 

6. Wheel of Fortune Interactive Dog Toy 

The Wheel of Fortune is an innovative toy that combines the exciting elements of interactive devices with the thrilling discovery of treats during playtime. The wheel design should help stimulate your dog’s curiosity as they spin the wheel with their mouth or paw, while the different hole sizes stimulate their problem-solving abilities. 

Made from hard plastics that are non-toxic, the toy is easy to clean and unscrew so you can refill with treats effortlessly. 

Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser Toy

Wheel of Fortune Interactive Dog Toy 

Wrapping Up

Playtime plays a pivotal role in developing your dog’s mental and physical abilities. It also encourages a more well-balanced temperament as they are able to have fun on their own. Since you can’t always be there to entertain them, giving them interactive toys is the next best way to keep your dogs busy!

By providing the right interactive toys, you can reduce the risks of your dog developing behavioural issues that stem out of boredom and promote healthier play styles even when you’re not in the house to entertain them. 



There you have it, the 6 Best Interactive Toys For Bored Dogs. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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