7 Best Kinds Of Dog Beds To Spoil Your Pooch

When it’s time to wind down for the day, nothing feels better than falling into bed. Our beds are often our sanctuary, a place to relax or catch up on a favourite show or book. When we get in bed, we want to feel a sense of comfort, and it makes sense to want the same for our dogs.


Finding the best dog bed for your dog can take a while because there is a wide range of options on the market, and you must consider what type will fit your dog's needs and temperaments. Some people who buy the incorrect bed often get discouraged when their dog tears it to shreds or ignores it. Rest assured that there’s a bed for every dog - you just have to know which one it is!

When buying a dog bed it's important to understand the different factors that will determine the best bed for your pooch. You should consider the following factors when shopping for a new bed:

  • Size: Whether your dog is big or small will determine the most appropriate type of bed for them and what size you should get. It might be helpful to measure your dog to ensure you maximise their comfort.
  • Sleeping Behaviour: Does your dog have a tendency to sleep on their side, huddle up in a ball, or 'spoon' with their pooch pal? You should buy a bed that suits your dog's natural sleeping behaviour.
  • Chewing Behaviour: If your dog is an aggressive chewer then you will need to consider the best material to choose. Harder materials such as wood will be better than soft cushions.
  • Health Conditions: When looking for the perfect dog bed you will want to consider whether or not your dog has an underlying health condition such as arthritis or skin allergies. If they do then it's important to buy a bed that won't make their condition worse.
  • Budget: Dog beds vary greatly in price. Fortunately you can still buy high quality, comfortable beds on a budget. It's really up to you how much you want to spend, but just remember a good quality dog bed is a long term investment.

1. Sprawlers & Cuddlers - Flat Pillow Dog Beds

A flat and open pillow bed, like a mini-mattress, is for dogs that like laying on their side or their back. Dogs that don't like anything touching them while they sleep will like these. Flatbeds are also nice for smaller breeds that like nestling in one space. In such situations, invest in a bed with a non-slip bottom so that they can move around all they want whilst sleeping.

The Snorz Therapeutic Xtra Soft Bed is a great option. It has a substantial layer of padding and a non-slip bottom and it's large size gives your pooch plenty of room to stretch out. 

2. Anxious Puppies - Donut & Cave Dog Beds

Shy dogs and puppies need all the reassurance they can get. You can use round or cave type beds to give them a sense of protection. Round beds are good for pets that like sleeping in the doughnut position, with their heads tucked near their hind legs. Cave beds are also perfect for when the environment gets too stimulating for your furry friend, and they need to hide away for a bit.

The Dome Fleece Cave Dog Bed has a fleece lining and double cotton filling, making it warm and snug for nighttime snoozing.


4. Independent Snugglers - Bolster Dog Beds

If your pet likes sleeping alone but prefers to lean up against something, a bolster bed will be your best choice. These have side and back cushions and look like a small couch. Bolster beds are also great for dog that like curling up against something but don’t enjoy sleeping on the same bed with another dog.

5. Older Pooches - Orthopaedic Dog Beds

If you have an older dog, or one recovering from an injury, you might want to replace their bedding with a therapeutic mattress instead. These beds are typically made from memory foam and provide extra support for your dogs body.

Orthopedic or memory foam beds can retain heat and get too uncomfortable in summer. In such instances, getting a cooling layer will be your best option. Orthopaedic beds are also typically much more expensive than the other types of dog beds available.

6. For Summer - Cooling Dog Beds

For the warmer seasons when it might be too hot for your traditional soft beds, investing in a Summer Cooling Dog Bed will give your dog a nice place to cool down. Cooling dog beds are made from a breathable material which absorbs heat. They require no pre-cooling or freezing overnight, as the mat naturally absorbs heat produced by your dog laying on it.


7. Road Trips - Travel Dog Beds

There is nothing better than packing up the car and heading on a road trip with your furry friend. Depending on your accomodation arrangements, you will want to make sure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep at night. This is when a travel dog bed such as the Hoopet Dog Sleeping Bag Bed comes in handy. Travel dog beds are typically more compact than regular beds and are also made of more durable materials such as canvas.


Wrapping Up

Finding the perfect bed for your dog can seem overwhelming at first. But by considering your dogs sleeping preferences, chewing behaviour, size and health you will be able to buy the best bed for them. There are a huge variety of different types of dog beds available, each with their own pros and cos. In some cases it may be best to invest in a couple of dog beds to cover different seasons and living arrangements.


There you have it, 7 Best Kinds Of Dog Beds To Spoil Your Pooch. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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