6 Must Have Winter Accessories For Your Dog

Dressing up your dogs is more than just to keep up with trends. Coats, sweaters, vests, boots, and other forms of extra layers can go a long way in keeping them warm, especially when temperatures start to dip.


Many paw-parents think that their pooch’s coats are enough to shield them from the cold, but your fur babies can shiver as much as we do without any winter clothes to shield their bodies. Breeds with short hairs, for instance, are extra vulnerable during the colder months.


Even northern breeds sporting thick, double coats can feel chilled to the bones under a winter solstice, which is why investing in the right winter clothing for dogs is a responsibility for pet owners.


Whether you’re going for a snowy adventure in the neighbourhood or out for a wintry hike, the list below explores some of the best dog gear essentials for winter:


Must-Have #1: Winter Coats


A dog’s natural coat isn’t enough to keep them feel cozy when you’re out on your daily ventures. The biting breeze can penetrate their fur and make for a stiff, uncomfortable walk. The wet air can also stick to their bodies and freeze over their tiny hairs, and while they’re not complaining, they may be feeling like a walking popsicle next to you.


If you want to shield your pooch from the spell of cold weather, a winter coat like the cozy quilted dog coat should be enough to keep your pups snug and well-protected. With adjustable velcro straps set at the neck and around the tummy, you can ensure your pup is sporting the coat in the best fit possible.


It also comes with a lead hole and a harness zipper so you can easily attach the leash. At the same time, the additional reflective strips make it possible to achieve safe, comfortable, and fun-filled outdoor adventures regardless of whether the sun’s out to play.


Must-Have #2: Cozy Bedding


Winter is the perfect time to gather around the fire, wrap ourselves around thick blankets, wool socks, and hot drinks to keep us warm. With that in mind, your canine buddies want to be in on the picture as they don’t want to miss out on all the coziness.


Even with the heater inside your home, your flooring can still trap the cold during winter. That’s why providing better bedding and heating elements should help keep your pooch warm and ready for a good night’s sleep.


The Long Pile Donut Bed, for instance, is made with a four-centimetre-long faux fur that is sure to provide the coziest set up for your pets.


Must-Have #3: Raincoat


A little drizzle shouldn’t keep rain down on your dog’s parade for their daily exercise. Fortunately, raincoats like the lightweight, clear poncho can keep your pooch dry even on the wettest days, allowing you to enjoy the walk with only a few droplets to shake off.


It comes with front buttons that can easily fit any build, while the hood helps keep your dog’s head warm and shielded from the rain. You can even place the raindrop poncho on top of their winter coats to create the ultimate fashion statement that fights the cold.


Must-Have #4: Winter Boots


There’s nothing more scenic than taking a walk in a winter wonderland, but the experience may not be dreamy for your dog’s paws. Their sensitive pads may look rough and ready to traverse any terrain, but it’s highly vulnerable against the snow and salt on the road.


Walking on a frosty pavement can burn your dog’s paws and even burn some parts of the skin off, which is why slipping them on some fashionable plush dog ugg boots is a must during the cold season. With snow booties that are easy to get off and on, your pooch can walk the walk without any trouble.


Must-Have #5: Car Boot Dog Protector


A winter coat, boots, and raincoat may protect your canine buddies from the cold, but it doesn’t protect your car’s seats from getting wet once they’re ready to pack up and head for home. If you’re itching to go for a far-off adventure with your furry friends, adding a car boot protector should help keep the seats from getting scratches, dirt, or damages as you and your buddy go on a road trip.


The line is made with adhesive velcro strips so paw parents can easily attach the protector. In contrast, the oxford waterproof fabric makes it a perfect accessory to add in your winter gear essentials.


Must-Have #6: Bathrobe Towel


Even if your pooch loves to take a warm shower during winter, stepping out of the bathroom can introduce cold air and make your fur babies shiver in discomfort. With that in mind, wrapping their bodies with a bathrobe like the hooded dog towel should provide an insulating layer.


This helps maintain the body heat, allowing your dogs to feel comfortable and snug after showers. The material is made from superfine absorbent fibre for the ultimate comfort, while the velcro strap makes it easy to secure the bathrobe towel. It also comes with a belly rope belt for those who want to complete the “fresh out of the shower” get-up.


The Bottom Line: Our Recommendations for the Best Dog Gear Essentials For Winter


Your pooch may be wearing a natural fur coat all-year-long, but even they can get chilly once winter hits the season. Tiny knit sweaters, raincoats, or fancy galoshes on their paws look cute, but their purpose is more than just making a fashion statement.


Your dogs need as much winter gear to protect them from the cold, especially breeds that are not equipped with thick manes. With that in mind, the list above explores some of our favourite essentials you need for your dog winter gear.


If you’re looking for the best dog winter gear to keep your furry friend in Australia warm and comfortable when the temperature drops, get in touch with us today at Barket to see how we can help!



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