6 Best Harnesses To Get Your Dog

Dogs have plenty of love and energy to give. However, taking them out on a walk around the neighbourhood can be challenging, especially if your furry companion is overzealous and lacks proper training.

Finding the ideal dog harness can make a world of difference in your adventures as it can provide you with more control, while giving your pooch a greater sense of security and comfort in their daily walks. 

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It is natural to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the ideal harness for your dog as there are so many different types to choose from. To ease the burden we have picked out the 6 best dog harnesses to get. 

1. Blue Mosaic Nylon Dog Harness and Lead Set 

Walking enthusiastic dogs with a flimsy lead can result in a frustrating experience for both you and your furry friend. It’s vital to have the right harness for heavy-pullers. Choosing an ergonomic design that can provide extra control over your excited furbabies is another important factor, and we’ve got just the thing! 

With the Blue Mosaic Nylon Dog Harness and Lead Set sitting comfortably on their backs, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a good grip on your dog as you take them out for their morning or evening exercise. The lightweight design offers a cozy neck opening to promote maximum comfort. At the same time, the reflective strips, metal hardware, and adjustable straps make it a go-to choice for various outdoor escapades. 

blue dog harness and lead setBLUE MOSAIC NYLON DOG HARNESS AND LEAD SET

2. Heavy Duty Padded Nylon Harness

If you have a furry companion that likes to take the lead and pull you as soon as something piques their interest, you’ll need a dog harness that can keep up with your pet’s fast and robust pace. 

Speaking of which, the Heavy Duty Padded Nylon Harness provides the solution you need to take back your role as the lead walker. The best part is that it features thick, padded nylon to ensure your dog is secure and snug throughout the entire walk, even when pulling from one direction to the next. 

These also come with reflective strips built into the adjustable straps to enhance the safety of your pooch, whether you’re taking them for their morning or nightly outdoor run. The metal D-ring is added for maximum security against heavy-pullers, whilst the quick-release buckle makes putting the harness on or off a seamless process.


3. Tailup K9 Carrier Pack Harness

As the name suggests, the Tailup K9 Carrier Pack Harness is the go-to choice for service dogs and is ideal for training your pooch. It doesn’t get in the way of your dog’s comfort and breathability with its padded nylon mesh, while the metal D-rings makes it an excellent harness for daily wear-and-tear.

The unique side carrier packs also allow your dog to bring some snacks, favourite treats, toys, and other essentials when going out on an adventure. Of course, it also comes with adjustable straps so it can securely fit different breeds and sizes. You’ll also find the pull handle great for getting more control over your pooch.

carrier pack hiking dog harnessTAILUP K9 CARRIER PACK HARNESS

4. Truelove Advntr Reflective Dog Harness 

If the Tailup K9 Carrier Pack Harness doesn’t suit your taste, you can also opt for a durable, lightweight alternative such as the TrueLove ADVNTR Reflective Dog Harness. Its beautiful design with padded nylon mesh for enhanced breathability makes it a must-have for going on adventures with large dogs but also functions just as well for training your furry companions. 

The best part is that you can take your dog out for some scenic run under the stars without worrying about visibility as the harness comes with 3M Scotchlite reflective strips. The adjustable neck and chest straps ensure that you can get a secure fit on your dog. 

Adventure dog harness


5. Shoot Action Dog Harness

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the world from your pet’s point-of-view, so why not capture your adventures using the Shoot Action Harness. Featuring two mounting locations on the back and the chest for the camera placement, you can watch your dog have fun and capture all the action without missing a scene! 

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort for visibility as the harness is well-padded with four adjustable straps so your pooches can run wild and free securely. Of course, keep in mind that the cameras are not included when buying the Shoot Action Dog Harness. 


6. Tailup Led Reflective Dog Harness

Seeing where your walking and your dog when going for a run is critical to their safety, especially when taking them out for their routine escapades before sunrise or after hours. Fortunately, you can keep your pooch safely in-sight any time of the day with the Tailup LED Reflective Dog Harness

It comes with a high-quality LED light that has three different functions - from quick flash, slow flash, to a steady light. The padded, oxford material also ensures your pooch is comfortable. The LED light is powered by one rechargeable battery with a run time of 8-10 hours. The battery can be fully charged in 2-3 hours using the included magnetic USB cable.

Pairing the harness with the Glow! LED collar and lead makes for a match made in heaven as you can walk your dog any time of the day in style. 


Wrapping Up

Choosing the right Harness for your dog can improve you and your dog’s walks. A harness should always have a proper fit on your dog no matter the type, whether it’s a mobility aid or a no-pull harness. It should stay on your dog comfortably to ensure the harness doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your pet’s throat, neck, back, or chest. A quality harness should also be durable enough to withstand regular wear-and-tear, but adjustable enough to meet different needs - from a relaxed walk in the park to a rugged adventure up a mountain. 


There you have it, the 6 Best Harnesses To Get Your Dog. If you have some further suggestions or ideas, let us know in the comments below!

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